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Date Published: 20th October 2023


We are so lucky to have unique experiences available at Innes House, and I surprised myself about just how many we have to offer!   


1 – Star gaze from the tower 

Yes, we have a tower, and I can tell you, on a clear Autumn or Winters night, it’s pretty amazing.  And when the Aroura Borealis decide to make an appearance, it is spectacular.  

So, if you love stargazing, why not grab a cup of hot chocolate, pop up the tower and take a seat, we have the perfect spot waiting for you.  




2 – Take a historical house tour with our archivist 

Innes House and the Tennant family have a rich and interesting history, and we have a fabulous lady that works for us who is extremely knowledgeable on these subjects.   On the tour, you will find out how the Tennants and one of the former Prime Ministers are related, and who in Innes history tried to murder her husband, plus a whole lot more!  


3 – Go on the Innes tree trail hunt 

There are some rare and unusual trees at Innes, and we have a map and list of the ones to look out for.  A few of them are very hard to find even though they are marked on the map, and I’m speaking from experience! With a plethora of greenery around every corner, this is not only a relaxing activity, it is also a very therapeutic outdoor experience.  


4 – Browse our library 

When the Tennants purchased Innes House, they created a library.  The whole family enjoy books, and this shows throughout the house with books in rooms and bookshelves in different areas. The library is a cosy room and perfect for us bookworms.  There is plenty of ambient lighting and two huge walls covered in books, where you can get lost in a world of knowledge and intriguing stories.  


5 – Go foraging locally with Tim Maddams 

We have a brilliant chef and forager living on our doorstep, and he hosts foraging activities in and around the estate.   He also creates some amazing dishes with what he forages, and local produce.  I have been lucky enough to try his pheasant chorizo, and matured plum sauce to name just a few, and they are to die for.  I recommend that you give this activity a try, you will not be disappointed! 


6 – Create your own wedding or event 

   During May to September each year, the marquee is available, and can be hired with the house if you choose to create your own bespoke event.  The structure attaches to the side of the house to create another event space which is stunning and very unique.  Your guests can enjoy eating ‘outdoors’ while ‘indoors’ in the memorial garden, which has its own pond with fountain, and a summer house that turns into a fully functioning bar.  


7 – Something new! 

And finally, we have some very exciting news!  Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to tell you what that is just yet, but will, in a few months’ time. All I can say is, it will be well worth the wait!   


In our next blog, meet the brilliant Tim Maddams and find out a little bit more about what the Innes House foraging experience is all about.   


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