Innes Estate has a broad variety of landscape from sweeping open agricultural to mature woodlands, guests will never traverse the same terrain twice.

Shooting parties are given the opportunity to partake in challenging drives and test their skills while enjoying the broad landscape of the Estate. On our two driven days you will experience the breadth and beauty of the Innes Estate and you won’t traverse the same terrain twice.

We offer mixed bag days with two-day driven shoots made up of around ten small drives, walked-up days for around four guns and evening duck and goose flighting.

Typical weekend parties arrive for a delicious dinner Friday evening, stay for two nights in our luxurious bedrooms at Innes House then depart after a generous Sunday breakfast. Day guests arrive Saturday morning, enjoy a lovely lunch with us and depart following afternoon tea. The Saturday shoot is priced per bird.

Drives are a combination of pheasant, partridge, woodcock, snipe and the glory of nature…

Call us on 01343 842410 or contact us here to arrange your perfect drive.

The season commences the final weekend in October and runs until January 31st.